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9th March 2006

6:35am: kjsafieamlkxmcaslkfjas

im leaving for FRANCE tomorrow.
im kind of nervous.

ill be back on the 19
Current Mood: anxious

29th January 2006


Honestly, I still think about her everyday, and I know that I will NEVER stop.
I love her with every bit of my heart and would give anything to see her for just one more minute,
just so I could tell her goodbye, and that I love her.

Current Mood: apathetic

25th September 2005

9:05pm: And it hurts even more to have to be with somebody else
so i dont know about you
but my night cant possibly get any better


leader training was soooo awesome tonight. i had a great time. the ride home was just as awesome. yayayayyayayya
Current Mood: determined

31st March 2005

Friends Only

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29th December 2004



cali is on thursay...im soo stoked! :-D

leah thanks so much for understanding whats going on..i feel bad cos i wont tell her...but she doesn know him! it sucks but im totally happy that you know how i feel!!:-D



22nd December 2004

3:16pm: soooooo...formal was AWESOME! i had a great time..and then monday...(LEAHS BDAY!!) i went to her house and me leah noelle and timmy went to go see finding neverland (ahh love it) and then we weent to leahs..changed clothes and went to skrappys...that was fun i saw corrine there...aww i miss her! and i saw samantha and she is just an awesome girl..lol yeah and then we went back to leahs..noelle went home and we just chilled and then went to bed...tuesday we just ate and then got ready and anthony picked me and leah up at her house..we went to his moms house and it was me, leah, jj, anthony, timothy (otherwise known as DIET PILL...im happy he has accepted the nickname, daniel, yonie, her friend, nora, and her bro..ruben. so yeah that was fun anthony and jj played songs on the guitar... oh i had them play wonderwall and now im gonna make jj teach me..im like set on learning! but they were playing it and singing it and it was great...but all i could think of was kristin..and how i wished that i could be there for her but i cant..and all of the fun times..adn the tears just came..but i fought them back..but i just wish that she was still in az! :-( buyt yeah then we had burgers then we danced! haha it was funn...and then we watched some of finding nemo and then anthony took nora and ruben home andd then me and leah..and my mom and dad kinda got mad tho cos we were supposed to be back at 10:30 but got back at 12..oops! lol but yeah today we just cleaned and i think that we are gonna watch i robot...cos will smith...in the shower...wooo...heh ok well ill write later..byee

tori i love you and im sorry things are turning out this way! have fun in reno tho!

20th December 2004



yay! formal was last night and it was AWESOME! here are some pics.....



extreme red eye!Collapse )

Current Mood: tired

16th December 2004

9:36pm: And do you like making out and brown eyes and long drives and guys who just dont fit in?
so tomorrow is the last day! :-D woo im soo excited...especially since this break is gonna rock hardcore yo! heh yeah so anyways
tomorrow after school im going to betsys til like 11 cos my rents are MEANHOLES! lol and then saturday im going to a christmas party at stephi's...and im hoping that i will get to see everyone! :-D and then sunday.....dun dun dun daaa...

WINTER FORMAL! wahoo so im gonna go to kassidys at like nooon and then we are going to courtneys and then the LIMO(wahoo) is picking us up there and then wahoo going to formal and thne the limo is getting us afterwards and then i think we are either going to a party somewehre or strait to kassidys...but im excited...then monday is

LEAHS BIRTHDAY wahoo yeah so we are going to the kool shades/japanesean barbie/other pppllzzz.... concert and im excited cos i miss noah..lol even if he doesnt remember me...thats ok! lol wahooo

so yeah i need to study i have my chem final tomorrow and i need an 81 on it...oh dear lord!(your ear fell off! lol) kk byeeeeeee

kristin we soo rock at making screen names! wahoo....and katy thanks for helping me make my final decision!!!

The End

ohh....psss.....JAIII...do you have my dashboard shirt? can you bring it tomorrow plllzzz!
Current Mood: WONDERFUL

9th December 2004


everytime i talk to him my heart just drops dead from all the dissapointment and the pain he's caused

.... but everytime he smiles....it jumps back up and wont slow down


 i hate wishing on everylast star in the sky that something will happen, and all that im left with is regret that i let my self go through w/ this again....

i hate waiting on something that will never come



why wont i let you go

29th November 2004

12:15pm: im sick! ....blha....

but the break was awesome...like the best ive EVER had...for sure..

tues. night- went to leahs and me, leah, jai, noelle, lauren, and kristin tp-ed todds house cause all the guys were at his house and then we hung out there for a while, me lauren and noelle picked up bryan then we met up w/ big andy(as opposed to little andy{anthonys bro}) and me and noelle went w/ him and then we met up w/ everyone else at the safehouse and we all were there for like a couple hours..then we went back to todds and anthony taught me how to play halo...before in the beginning i was trying to play but tyler and mike were being mean kids..lol so i suck at halo...grr but yeah then me and leah got some shaving cream and leah got bubba anthony and i dont know who else and i got todd really bad and so we had to hid in the bathroom cos they got their airsoft guns...long story short..there was a shower (that i got soaked in) a window and then running for our lives...lol yeah so it was like 3sumthin and we went home cos leahs dad woke up at 4 so we left and went to bed..

wed.- so everyone left leahs and then me and ashling went and got nicos for me noelle leah and her and then we went back and ashling left and then i left and then i went to the airport..picked up my cousin....and then we went to the YELLOWCARD CONCERT! ahh it was amazing....the starting line was there and i had THE best time ever

thurs-woke up at one..helped cook...ate...slept...

friday...went shopping..and i saw KEENAN! (cant spell that) it was awesome that kid is so cool yo

sat- went to leahs for noelles be happy day..heh heh so it was me leah noelle betsy and t hen amy came and taht was soo fun! we did atomic hickeys... lol but me and betsy kept ours on for like 2 secs...and we cooked and baked and had a flour/dough fight which rocked! hah then we played truth or dare and ...lol yeah dont feel like writing it all

sun-dropped noelle of a church and me betsy and leah went to betsys church..then went to sauce, then to starbucks, then to urban, then to leahs then to betsys and had an awesome time!!! i love betsy! heh and so betsy took me and leah home and then i just like crashed at 8 o clock cos i was dead tired

that was the WONDERFUL break! and it was sooo freaking long and awesome but dont hate me if it takes up alot of space inyour friends page ok?! ;-D MUAH
Current Mood: sick

25th November 2004

12:17am: yellowcard is fucking amazing!
so i just got back from....STARTING LINE AND YELLOWCARD!! it was in mesa....and it was the shit....for sure! (did you like my little 'gangster moment'?)

starting line was way way wonderful and yellowcard is just as good the first time you see them! ahh! i was right up at the little metal walls...ya know? that separates the stage and the crowd...here ILLISTRATION!

[concert security]0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
kjsadlifsdajfklsdjfl;ksjdklfjsdklfjskljfsa<those are people and im one of them!!!!! :-D it was phenomenal!!!! so this weekend has been awesome so far!! i had a great time but i cant say right now cos my dad is being an ass....ttyl!! <3
Current Mood: woooo tonight rocked my socks

19th November 2004

6:20am: so im SOO exited right now.....school til 2:30 then...


wahoo! im soo exited you have NO idea

so leave me some comments YO!

kristin did you get my text? i realized that i might have just sent it at like midnight there...lol oops...oh so on the way home i heard a song by IH....heh heh
Current Mood: excited

15th November 2004

4:03pm: i should be soo happy...but why am i soooo sad

so robb just left....he got me a sweatshirt!!:-D yay! lol i love that kid....

so today was fun....i got baloons from joellen and kim and then cupcakes and cake and chocolate and a bunch of way cool stuff from leah...(like the massager! and the  waterbottle...!) trent broke my slinky:-( mean hole....but yeah

this sucks...its my birthday and i have NO voice....klsdjfkljsdflkgdslkfjlksdalfsl w/e

toight im going to the olive garden and then to YOUNGLIFE!!!! yay! im soo exited for weekend camp..woo woo im soo stoked yo!

speaking of stoked....today i checked my messeges and i got one from stoker and bethany...and it totally made my day...i totally miss them soo fucking much and all the fun times we used to have....i cried:'( like really we have totally grown apart..and i hate it..like what ever happend to tuesday night phone calls? :( yeah so it totally made me happy hearing HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY WEINER SCHNITZEL...and just i dont know....it totally made this a good day (yeah so now im crying)

so mexico was awesome(ill put pics up later...) i had a great time...we went kyaking..and I SAW DOLPHINS...it was great


Current Mood: blah

12th November 2004


today after school im going to.....MEXICO haha...you know that that was AWESOME...hehhehe


then when i get back from MEXICO (on monday).......








so leave me comments and i will see you all later!







10th November 2004

6:39pm: so alot of stuff is new....

i think that leah owes noelle a buck...but im not sure...

me and ryan from mass. are talking and uggh he's starting to get on my nerves...he's like "yeah track 12 reminds me of you"...blha@!!!!! I WAS THERE FOR ONLY A WEEK!!!!! WE ONLY HUNG OUT ONE NIGHT!! what the hell...he wrote a song for me...its the sweetest thing ANYONE has ever done....yay! oh but he just said...is it weird that i think about you alot...and i was just liek hmm i dunno RLKSJADFLKSDALKJRTWEIOFLSDAFLKSDLKFASLK i have to many things on my mind...grrr

MEXICO this weekend!!

im soooo tired....i still havent gotten all my sleep caught up from sat night (only 2 hours) lol me and leah went to andy/anthonys house for a bday party...FUNNNNNNNNNN lol yeah sooooo blha

uggh im soo aggrivated right now...i dont know why....its sooo weird..

kristin call me i miss talking to you!!;-)
Current Mood: aggravated

30th October 2004

12:20pm: yesterday i went to the movies while my parents went to phx....it was me stephi, sarah d, leandra and bryan...soo fun! we saw the grudge...holy shit ... i was to scared to go home alone so we hung out at the mall for a long time! lol so then we met up w/ michael holden and corrine and their friend brett o and mimi and wills..so we just talked for a while then went to barns and nobles and talked there and then mimi and corrine and wills left so me leandra bryan mike brett and their friend dave went to wendi's...oh and aj came too..that was fun then it was closing so we went outside and had pizza from R&R heh heh but then it was like 1030 or sumthin so bryan and leandra took aj home and then me.... so my rents were still about an hour awway! and i was soo scared! i turned on all the lights in my house and carried a mop around w/ me so i wouldnt die!......so then i called rob and he was on his way over but there was a car wreck and his mom made him come home FUCK!!! lol so then i just watched happy shows on happy channels where there werent any adds for the grudge...then i couldnt go to sleep when my rents got homg...UGGH!

my g-rents are in town...blha is it wrong that im not happy about that? but next week they have an evaluation for this assisted livinghome!!! :-D heh

so me, gary, trent, and saundie have to do a report on PUNK music for recent music class wonder how thats gonna go

TONIGHT IS FALL BALL!!!:-D im soo happy i miss you all sooo fucking much!
Current Mood: excited

27th October 2004

9:00am: so cali was soo awesome....i had the best time ever!!! our condo was soo cute....and the hot tub...lol i was in love w/ it cos it changed colors haha yeah so hmm.... i missed younglife...sad about that one but its ok!! lol

we gotfree rides at belmount park (where the roller coaster is by mission beach)...well not alot but still

me and leah are now addicted to ddr...well kinda we still suck but it is soooooo addictive!!!

fall ball is this saturday! yay!! but the younglife party is too....blha i hate how everything is happening ont he same days./...like younglife camp and ypc!! i really wanna go to younglife camp and i really want to go to ypc! grr------which on shouldi do?...ypc or younglife camp?
Current Mood: woo

23rd October 2004

5:52am: another sunny day in californ-i-a

she goes to california, oh california not so far....

cos california knows how to party in the city

livin' it up at the Hotel California What a loveley place

Going to california with an aching in my heart

I'm goin' to California To live in the summer sun

so i cant do more cause i have to goo.....


call me and leah and tell us how much you love us while we are gone...heh

BYEEEE til wed.!!

19th October 2004

7:22am: so the taking back sunday concert is tonight...:-/ i tried to get my mom to let me go this morning and was like why dont you just go with me? but...no go

thats ok i still have spitalfield and i would rather see them i think:-/ still not sure

blha im at school and its right before drivers ed...i dont want to go! but i do want my ice tea that is in my locker..yumm

last night at young life was.....weird i guess you could say? i cant explain it but i think i notcied something thati never thought i would think...its hard to explain but i spelt it out to leah (literally) and i was a lil in shock
Current Mood: concert envy

16th October 2004

11:40pm: so friday me and leah hung out w/ the avila bros and their roomate earl/zorro (WHO IS SOO AWESOME)it was really fun!! then we just slept all day and watched tv woo

so the nightfall things w/ sam and katy didnt go through (gosh never would have guessed that) so instead....

i went to stephens house and a bunch of other ppl were there and it was soooo fun! i missed them all soo much!! haha liz wrote a wonderful song and then we had some fun w/ a bowling pin...lmfao i took like one pic so lol i dont know if it will ever reach the world of el-jay...lol

so now im home....drinking oj out of the cap thinking of all the great times ive had w/ sonoran people and just....wooo

15th October 2004




one month till im 16!!!


yay! im exited yo!! :-D leah our party is gonna kick ass!! :-D YAY

13th October 2004


so i just got back from noelles....FUN!!! today we took the psat's uggh i hate test...thank god it doesnt count! lol yeah then after noelle, her "dog" ;-) leah and i went to coffe exchange and started planning for our joint-bday-party! FUN!! im stoked for it man! woo....then noelle went home and me leah and cerruti were just hanging out and we went to bookmans and me n leah looked at records and i discoverd one of my fave songs! woo....then my dad picked me n leah up...tim went home and then i took leah home and went to noelles house...then we chilled for a while ... then we went for a 'walk'......and had ice cream....

sean gibbons is soo cool! lol i hung out w/ him today lmfao funniest stuff ever happend...to bad if i told you i would have to kill you! (hmm i could kill you with my calculator if it was a gun....like roman killing leah MONTHS ago...what a mean boy!)

so im talking to bryan right now...lol gosh i love that kid! woo i miss him too....just like how i miss the avila boys! uggh!!!


i think we're alone now....there doesnt seem to be anyone aroundCollapse )

Current Mood: wooo

10th October 2004

7:13pm: lalalalalala my mom is old tomorrow

starting line....so there!

la-di-da i really miss the avila boys! :( i miss them all oh soo much! we need to hang out more....maybe another movie night...i promise i wont kill you again!

so homecoming was fun...for the dance me kassidy and courtney were watergirls but then football players...yeah man ill get pics soon*theres only 2*

la di da lalalala im bored

6th October 2004

10:14pm: blha i just felt like updating....i dont really have anything to say tho..

comment and tell me something that would make me smile...and if you do i would love you forever
Current Mood: just ok

3rd October 2004

1:20pm: this is to all the sonoran kids

let take us back to eith grade when we all were friends and nothing could ever bring us apart...where the only boys who were decent...were alex and randy...where we didnt have to fight over them cos christine and jen could do all that...go back to when becca and greg were still together...and they would never break up...where we all were so oblivious to everything else...and it didnt matter...cos we were friends and thats all we needed...lets go back to those vin desiel moments...those times when all we did at lunch was sit on our curb and sing new found glory...go back to our lazy days when we wore our way hot bball shorts...lets go back to linking arms and mrs. flajniks closet...go back to walking to the mall..and hyperventalating when someone would bring up one of the 'nicks'....lets go back to those days when thongs were rare to wear and we all new everything about e/ other...

dont you miss the basketball at lunch? when stephi was so tall she could out jump all the guys? when kristin got soaked from jarreds armpit hair...dont you miss those great lunch periods in mr kingsburys class of watching the talent show over and over..and beffys hot face she gives when her guitar sounds off key..dont you miss from tucson the tubesocks? and those crazy days on the way to the softball game...driving stokers dad insane? dont you miss our awesome basketball team? undefeated..and then the team hate for the number 3 chick?

remember the ring? and the plan for sledding...WE had a great time..and so did they...remember the dance...with 'all the little 6th graders on the side sitting down with their hands over their lap'....remember the meeting all the girls had to have because of writing notes? what about the anit-gossip commity? (rumors rumors are no fun...rumors rumors hurt someone)....remember ms. sherwood and our great plan to hook her up w/ mr north...remember horrible hoover...MIST on hoover roosevelt will reign..dont you remember the fun times we had...with recalling great quotes like "MIDGI...I KNOW WHAT YOURE TRYING TO DOO...THEIR GONNA FALL OUT...HAHAH MIDGI!" or.... "WHAT DO GAY COWS EAT.....HAY" dont you remember the smart glasses, or bethanys "muffins"? dont you remember the softball team? with the fits mr kingsbury threw, and our songs for everyone (hey viki youre so fine, your so fine you blow my mind hey viki...)....

what about the word list? what about kathy bell? she was great...remember when we would sing to her? what about the sponge bob days? when all we could do was "STEP WITH YOUR RIGHT FOOT FIRST...DONT FORGET IT! DOUBLE TAKE 3 TIMES...1...2...3...PELVIC THRUST...WOOOO...WOOOO...BRING IT AROUND TOWN" what about half baked?! ("you need to watch it "... "yeah well you dont like me"...."you dont like me" ) what abour mrs swilly....and her son...what about ms...symionedis? and her "friend" that made us fake apply to home depot...

what about the 3 vexers?

what about the three amigas?

what about the d-dogg twins?

what about...WE?


what happend? dont you miss it?

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